Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fake Google Market Forces Premium Sign-Up

     A blog post by ThreatTrack Security showed an example of another fake Google market.  This has been done so much in the past that it's easy to look past these threats.  I posted about fake markets in the past here and here. However, the apps located on this one has changed up the rules a tiny bit.  Instead of just sending a few premium SMS texts and being done with it, these sign you up to a daily service fee of 9.99 rubles a day. That's about 32 cents a day in U.S.dollar.  Over the course of a month or a year this will add up, especially if going unnoticed.

   As always the end user only receives apps that he or she would have received for free on the real Play Market or the Amazon App Market. Of course even Google can't keep all malware of it's market.  With the recent release of the BadNews Trojan on Google Play, even after all of the safeguards where put into place,  it shows that it is good practice to keep an updated Anti-Virus app installed.

The Fake Google Market can be found at: hxxp:// (Live Link to Malware)

A bad app download Example (Live Malware):  hxxp://

The VirusTotal of the example can be found: here.

Stay safe out there