Thursday, February 7, 2013

GTA: Vice City Free Download Scam

   Another new Grand Theft Auto: Vice City app on the Google Play Store was removed last week after complaints. For the scammers and spammers Grand Theft Auto has always been a big target to push malware. Just recently a fake version of GTA 3 was pushing Adware for a quick buck. This one however, while is not as mischievous, still doesn't produce the goods it promises and will send you on a wild goose chase.

    While no longer on the Google Play Store, you can still download this sample from alternate Android markets, including 1mobile.  The description, icon, and screenshots are all valid, directly copied from the version that cost money on Google Play.  However, just from this market view you already get red flags.  There are over 19 thousand downloads but only 53 likes.  A valid free version of GTA would receive a lot more likes and shares then that.  Also the file size is way to small for a full game.  The biggest red flag is the company that posted it, Open Concept Inc,  is not a valid publisher of any GTA games.

    After downloading and running it, the chase to see if I can actually get a valid version of the game begins, and then ends pretty quickly. On the very first screen all you see is a note on how to unlock the full version of the game. The app sends you through a link: hxxp:// Which then redirects you to either: hxxp:// or any one of "bigbrandrewards" other pages.  These are all just survey scams.  You can enter all the information you want and you will never get the full version of GTA for free.  The one it referred me to promises a 50 inch HDTV.

     Of course as with all survey scams the requirements to get these will cost much more then the value of anything received. This is not the first time and wont be the last that survey scams have been caught plagiarizing games on the Android markets. You can download some more samples of Android apps redirecting to survey scams here.
Direct link to the sample (Warning: This is an uncensored direct link and could harm your Android device):
Stay safe out there