Monday, February 4, 2013

Talking Tom Talks You Into SMS Fraud

The Russian market is now over-run with fake Android Apps. You can search the Russian search engine Yandex for just about any Android app you can think of and put the term "apk ru" (without the quotes) at the end of the app name and you are bound to get bad search results. They will scam you with every ploy in the book to get you to download and install. Promise you free versions of paid software, better versions of free software, security updates, software updates or even offer extra benefits with download.

This example a site claims to host a Russian language version of Talking Tom Cat.
The site can be found at:
The download at:  
You may need to download on a mobile device or in Malzilla with a Android user agent. Check here for a how-to.

Instead of a talking Russian cat, you get the same old SMS scam that has been re-hashed for over a year now. The Virus Total results confirm that this is just garbage and the screenshot to the right shows that you aren't getting a talking cat. It's worth a note that this is the same fake opera scam that first started it all.

To stay protected make sure to download good antivirus software for your phone.

Stay safe out there